By halftime, 40 percent of Houston might have been tempted to call their cable company and asked to be switched to satellite. The Rockets could turn the ball over, break down defensively on the break and test the strength of the Toyota Center rims and still somehow hang around with a chance to steal a game from the Denver Nuggets. But their issues were greater than could be repaired with Kevin McHale's halftime "talk" or a late run. The Rockets could stuff a wad of cotton up Jeremy Lin's nose. After a long night of trying to repair their damaged offense, however, it was too late to stop the bleeding as the Nuggets held on for a 93-87 win Wednesday at Toyota Center. Long after the last chances were swatted away with James Harden getting consecutive shots blocked and Chandler Parsons missing a 3, as the Rockets ended the game with five consecutive missed shots, the Rockets were still trying to make their offense work. Parsons and Lin banished themselves to the practice court as much to work off the mounting frustration as to find their shooting touch. The Rockets, however, spent two practice days this week trying to rebuild an offense around Harden, mixing plays that feature him with the free-flowing style the Rockets spent the preseason working to develop and came away describing their offense as "stuck in the mud" and "bogged down."