Stephen Curry isn't the first Curry to take the NBA by storm with his shooting. Curry's father, Dell Curry, was once one of the NBA's top shooters. Thanks to a jumper that aged like a fine wine, Dell Curry was able to play a long and successful career before retiring in 2002. He is now a commentator on the Hornets broadcast team. Steph Curry admires the longevity in his father's game and that's something he wants to replicate in his career. Curry told the Charlotte Observer that he wants to at least match Curry's 16-year NBA career, and honestly it doesn't sound that crazy. "When I came in the league, that's the only thing I did say -- I want to play 16 years just because my Dad did," Curry said. "I've always had an appreciation of what that meant. But now -- having done eight years and understanding the work that it takes and whatnot -- playing eight more years somewhere near the level I'm playing now would be solid." Dell Curry entered the NBA at 22 years old. His son Steph entered at 21 so he does have a one-season advantage on his father and he's likely going to play far more minutes considering their roles. Dell Curry only played 30 minutes per game once while Steph Curry has only played less than 30 minutes per game once.