It's not exactly Moneyball - or, more appropriately, Moneypuck - but there has been a lot of buzz this summer about the NHL's use of advanced stats. Sports like baseball have been more at the forefront when it comes to using analytics, and it's easier to track such numbers because of the pace of the game. But you're starting to see more NHL teams trying to find what stats they can use to give them an advantage. The Oilers recently hired Tyler Dellow, one of those at the forefront of the advanced stats movement (@mc79hockey). The Devils brought in professional poker player Sunny Mehta to head the team's analytics department. Even the Maple Leafs, who have been slow to such innovative methods, hired Kyle Dubas, 28, known for using analytics, to be their assistant general manager. Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman and Stars GM Jim Nill have been more outspoken this summer on their use of stats and what edge it might give. As for the Lightning? General manager Steve Yzerman said the organization had been using advanced stats for a couple years before he arrived in Tampa Bay in 2010. The Lightning has its own statistical analyst, Michael Peterson, who has been with them for four seasons. Peterson, who has degrees in computer science and mathematics from Texas Tech (as well as an MBA from UCF), helps assist management and the coaching staff by providing analytical and statistical evaluation for hockey operations, contract valuation, as well as giving recommendations for the draft, free agency and trades. According to the Lightning, Peterson also assists with other stat-driven projects regarding ticket sales, pricing and revenue. Prior to working for the Lightning, Peterson also served as a consultant for the Rays and Indians in MLB.