This was a day of little action and no talk for A-Rod. Alex Rodriguez was cleared to begin baseball activities on Monday, but kept his workload to a minimum the first two days. Yesterday, he put together about a 40-minute workout as he ran, threw and spent about 15 minutes in the batting cage, hitting off a tee and working on his form. On Tuesday Rodriguez worked inside, riding the bike. The Yankees have made the complex off limits to reporters and as Rodriguez left the facility, he did not stop for the media. His jet-black Maybach 57 zipped out of the parking lot past reporters standing on the sidewalk with Rodriguez in the passenger seat as his female assistant drove. On Monday, Rodriguez said he would be working on a 30-day program following his extensive mid-January hip surgery. After that 30-day period doctors will evaluate and begin another 30-day program. Rodriguez is expected back after the All-Star break, but no one knows for sure. Rodriguez said earlier in the week he did not want to put a timetable on his return. That timetable thing did not work out for Derek Jeter, and Rodriguez doesn’t want to fall into the same trap. Jeter has yet to begin his latest rehab at the complex. Mark Teixeira has been working at first base and is expected to begin hitting outside on Friday. Kevin Youkilis also is here and Curtis Granderson has been playing in extended spring games.