After spending several weeks uncomfortably marinating in international embarrassment, the UCLA basketball team has finally received some good news. The Bruins are getting out of the Ball business. In an interview with The Times on Monday, LaVar Ball confirmed that he is pulling middle son LiAngelo from school because he is unhappy with how LiAngelo has been treated after he and two teammates admitted shoplifting during UCLA’s season-opening trip to China. LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley have been suspended indefinitely amid a clamor — including from this space — that they should be suspended for the season. Hey Dan Guerrero, are you going to pull the plug or not? However, LaVar thinks LiAngelo should have been playing the week after the incident, and so he’s ordered his son back to their Chino Hills home. “He might as well be in jail,’’ LaVar told the Times’ Eric Sondheimer. “I’m not going to let UCLA take the fire out of my boy by not letting him play for two months. We’re going to do some other options.’’ All of which has UCLA officials undoubtedly offering a whispered hallelujah. It’s sad that any student would leave a great academic institution simply because one of his parents doesn’t want him to endure an appropriate punishment for a wrongdoing that brought humiliation to his entire school.