LiAngelo Ball's basketball career has stalled significantly over the past year. Though he played in Big Baller Brand's Junior Basketball Association, he has not played for a professional league with any sort of clout. The only offer he is known to have received came from a British Basketball League team, and that is not a particularly strong league. Despite LaVar Ball's insistence that all three of his sons would play for the Los Angeles Lakers, Ball was not only undrafted last June, but the Lakers wouldn't even invite Ball onto their Summer League team.

Yet with 2019's Summer League coming up, Ball still believes he has a chance to play. "Summer League’s much closer to the NBA, so if I get asked to play on a Summer League team, that’s what I’m gonna do," Ball said on the most recent episode of Ball in the Family (h/t Christian Rivas of Lonzo Wire). His father seemed incredibly confident that Ball would get that chance, saying "there’s no way they not going to take him this year on the fact that Gelo gets better every year. I don’t care what everybody says: He gets better, bigger, stronger every year. Every year he gets better."

Even if he has improved, that wouldn't mean much to the Lakers or any other NBA team. They haven't seen him play because he hasn't played in a particularly competitive league. That shouldn't come as a surprise, though. LiAngelo was always the least talented of the three Ball siblings.