Le'Veon Bell turned down a multiyear offer that would have paid him $13.3 million per season in 2017. In a revealing interview with ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Bell also revealed that Pittsburgh's offer last season would have paid out $42 million over the first three years of the deal. Despite the lucrative offer (which would have made him the richest running back in NFL history), Bell remains without a longterm deal and is in jeopardy of playing under the franchise tag for a second consecutive year. This is the part of the story where I'm supposed to write about Bell's stats. But you know them all by now. Bell's a great player...everyone knows that. But the bottom line is that either Bell wants to be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers or not. Bell wrote statement on Twitter on Monday night exclaiming his love for Pittsburgh and the Steelers. That's all good, but at some point, Bell and the Steelers need to end this game and either come to terms on a new deal or end this relationship five years in. Pittsburgh has the money, but the issue is how much they're willing to give to a player who has had his history of suspensions and injuries. Bell also plays a position with a very short shelf life. Most running backs suffer a steep decline at age 30. Bell is 26.