The scumbag king of bounty-enforcing defensive coordinators is back in the AFC South! Yeeeeeeeeee-Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Welcome back, Gregg! Welcome back to the division that, effectively, launched your career as a bounty-imposing, scumbag coordinator in the National Football League. For you kids out there who may not remember, former-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was once the DC with the Tennessee Titans, back when Jeff Fisher was their head coach. Williams held the DC job from 1997-2001, back when the Titans were called the Tennessee Oilers (the franchise moved from Houston after the 1996 season). Following his first stint in Tennessee, he went on to become yet-another failed head coach in Buffalo. After that, he took a DC job in DC, working with Joe Gibbs and the Redskins. When Gibbs retired, Williams went to the Saints and coordinated their defense to a Super Bowl XLVI win over the Colts in 2010. According to Williams himself, at each stop in the NFL, he implemented an illegal bounty program designed to pay players to "head hunt" and knock opponents out of a game. Once the NFL was able to finally get Williams on his bounty program, the commissioner suspended him "indefinitely." Williams was hired by his old friend Jeff Fisher in St. Louis as the DC there, but Williams never coached in 2012 because of his suspension.