Jalen Hurts said he “chilled” during the Philadelphia Eagles’ fake bye week. The quarterback watched his two alma maters- Oklahoma and Alabama – dominate their NCAA matchups, then got into some “self-evaluation” from the Eagles’ first six games.

There wasn’t too much to glean from the tape. The problems have been the same: an inconsistent offense, unable to move the ball and notch wins. It’s on everyone to get attack the day. Hurts constantly preaches that he never gets too high or too low, viewing each week as another opportunity to get “one-percent better.”

“It’s the same message around here: one-percent better every day, rent due, attack the day,” Hurts told reporters. “That’s what it’s about. You got to put your focus in the process, and trusting in that process and attacking the day. And winning the day, and that’s what we’re trying to do to start the week.”

That even-keeled attitude stands in stark contrast to Nick Sirianni. The first-year coach admitted learning how to control his emotions was the biggest thing he focused on coming off the Week 6 loss.

“I can’t let myself get on the rollercoaster of what this league can potentially be,” Sirianni told reporters. “I have to stay steady and focus on the process that we want to do. That’s just getting better every day, and getting better every single day to put yourself in a position on Sunday to go 1-0 that day. So that’s been my biggest takeaway as a leader.”