Now before you jump on that keyboard and say that if you are the Baltimore Ravens GM, you never would QB Joe Flacco hit the open market, then perhaps you should just pass on this mind-bending post. Use your imagination and prove your football strategy and let us know what you would do with those two #1 draft picks as well as what you might target in free agency. OF course Joe Flacco is not going anywhere, but what if the team did place that non-exclusive tag on Joe and the Kansas City Chiefs beat out the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals in jumping on the phone to the league office to Fed Ex those two picks to the Ravens for their new Franchise QB. The Ravens would now have the first pick (and the 32nd) in the 2013 NFL Draft this year along with what would probably be a top ten pick next season since Flacco would probably not take the Chiefs out of the bottom of the league in his first year there. At the same time, no Flacco in Baltimore could have the Ravens picking in the top ten of the draft in 2014 too, right? Would you, as GM use that #1 overall pick or perhaps trade it down to around #10 and pick up a few more early round picks to totally rebuild you team or at least shore up the plethora of needs the Ravens are potentially looking at? Should you look at one of the many backup QB's who will either be on the veteran free agent market or considered trade bait by their current teams. If Matt Flynn or Chad Henne or even Tyrod Taylor doesn't float your boat, then who in the draft might you want to target as either a project or the one to follow in Flacco's footsteps by starting the season as the Ravens new QB?