Kris Letang clearly does not think of it as a wasted trip. Not when he was able to get in a few quality workouts. Not when he had a driver responsible for taking him anywhere he wanted to go in the city, whenever he wanted to go there. And, heck, not when he got his picture taken in a flashy SKA St. Petersburg uniform. It was nearly enough to make him overlook the reality that he never got a chance to play in a hockey game, which is what had led him to Russia in the first place. Letang barely had arrived in St. Petersburg, where he would end up spending "four or five days," a little over a week ago before the NHL and the NHL Players' Association agreed on the structure of a collective bargaining agreement to replace the one that had expired Sept. 15. He hung around the city for a bit, then flew back to his native Montreal for a couple of days before returning Thursday night to Pittsburgh.