There's been a push and pull all year and it hasn't worked. John Tortorella, the coach, has publicly (and assuredly more pointedly behind closed doors) attempted to prod Marian Gaborik into becoming a card-carrying member of the Black-and-Blueshirts' shot-blocking wall-battlers. And here he is, this world-class scorer, not only sitting on the essentially unbelievable total of 18 goals in 49 games, but also having scored even more unbelievably in only 11 games all year. And there Gaborik has been on the fourth line in his first two games back after a six-game, concussion-induced absence, an afterthought at even strength while coach John Tortorella has remained married to three other line combinations he prefers to send out in any number of situations even though the Rangers haven't fared especially well with these alignments.