If a football player is chronically unreliable, what's the point of keeping him? That's why the Chargers are right to cut ties with Jared Gaither. The Chargers couldn't count on Gaither. It's that simple. From week to week, it was a guessing game whether he'd be able to play, and that became a drag on the whole operation. Rookie head coach Mike McCoy has enough question marks on this team. He doesn't need a weekly guessing game at left tackle. The Ravens and Chiefs also gave up on Gaither. It's a shame, because he's a special talent, but he's just too risky to keep. If a player is limited but reliable, coaches will take their chances. Quentin Jammer, for example. He lacks great speed at this stage of his career. But the coaches could count on him last year. They knew Jammer would play. He was going to be a physical, determined presence in every game. If he failed, it was because he wasn't fast enough.