After leading the league in rushing attempts (314) and rushing yards (1,607), Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is spending his offseason focusing on remaining durable to play in all 16 games. “I want to be more explosive and in better shape,” McCoy told on Thursday. “I want to take over more games in the fourth quarter; whether if it’s in the air or on the ground, it’s about being productive and effective at all times. “I do a lot of one-on-one things: one-legged squats, one-legged hops, one-legged jumps. Those kinds of things will help me be more explosive.” McCoy, who was speaking at the Call of Duty: Ghosts Celebrity Grudge Match, also believes the signing of scatback Darren Sproles will benefit him and the entire offense immensely. Sproles was acquired in a trade via the Saints in March and immediately signed to a two-year extension. “Signing Sproles helps me out as a running back,” McCoy said. “I can go in a game even more fresh because I’m getting less carries and less attempts. I had 366 touches (in 2013), which is a lot. I think me having less attempts can help me be more productive and more deadly. Being fresh in the fourth quarter, things that you don’t think matter really do make a big difference.