The Philadelphia Eagles as an organization decided it was time for a change after 14 years, but Andy Reid still has a prominent place in the hearts of his former players. "We all love coach Reid to death," running back LeSean McCoy told "NFL Total Access" on Wednesday. Asked how the new Kansas City Chiefs head coach will be treated in his return to Philadelphia for the Week 3 matchup with the Eagles, McCoy said the players will "definitely be happy and excited" to see Reid. "He means a lot to me and a lot of other players," McCoy said. "We'll give each other a big hug, and then once the game starts, I know how coach Reid is. He's so focused. All in all, we always know it's always love and mutual respect between each other, but we have a job to do. Other highlights from McCoy's "NFL Total Access" interview: >> McCoy explained that Chip Kelly's offense will have "tons of different sets with different backs," necessitating a deeper backfield. "You run so much. So many different fast-paced movements from motioning out, from running routes," McCoy said. "It's so open, trying to get guys in the open field. It's a great offense. ... (But) you need some other backs to be productive because it's so much running."