It’s officially “hot take” season for the NFL as many former athletes and analysts share their takes for the upcoming season. We’re likely to hear some truly absurd comments in the coming weeks with training camp right around the corner. However, LeSean McCoy may have already won the award for hottest take of the summer after his bonkers comparison between Pittsburgh Steelers rookie, Kenny Pickett, and Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow.

During an appearance on the, I Am Athlete Pod, the former running back hypes up Pickett. It makes sense, considering McCoy attended the University of Pittsburgh, so he’s going to go to bat for anybody attending that school. However, his claim is absolutely wild as LeSean McCoy states, “Joe Burrow, Kenny Pickett. I can’t see the difference.” This is enough to make Bengals fans laugh hysterically until they fall out of their seats.