Washington freshman star Dejounte Murray dropped a bombshell on the Huskies basketball community when he announced he’s leaving school and entering the NBA draft along with teammate Marquese Chriss. Had a chance to catchup with Murray who talked about the thought process that went into their decisions. Here’s a transcript of the interview. (On the past 24 hours been like) “It’s been crazy. I’m not the type of dude to look at anything on social media that everything was cleared out and we were leaving – me and Marquese Chriss. I appreciate the positive feedback and even the people that’s given negative feedback because it’s more fuel for us. It makes us want to be more successful. It’s just been crazy, but at the end of the day it’s so surreal. For me to be in this situation and to have this opportunity to turn my dreams into reality is a blessing. I’ve just been chilling with the family and enjoying my time with them before I start getting ready for workouts and all of that type of stuff. It’s definitely been a blessing. I give all glory to God. Without him, none of this stuff is possible.” (On not testing draft waters and closing door on possibly returning to UW) “Well I sat down and me and Marquese have been talking about this stuff for along time. Once we started getting talked about, we never came to a point where we were like you know we’re out of here and forget this. We were trying to help this team every single game, playing our heart out and just bringing it. Once that last game happened and once it started getting toward the end of the season, people kept saying this and saying that. Our families were getting a lot of information. And our coach too. So it was going to come down to us meeting with the coaches. We both met with Romar. … With Marquese, he’s still 18. I’m already 19. He’s mature. He spoke with his family a lot and he’s a dude that asks a lot of questions. So I think that was important for him. He asked Coach Romar what he thought and all of the other coaches. He asked his mom stuff before he was sure. We definitely were in this together. We planned all of this stuff out together. We felt like it was the right decision and the right time. Tomorrow isn’t promised. We believed in ourselves and we didn’t want to that test the waters thing because we would have felt like we weren’t being true to ourselves.” (On if this moment feels anything like being recruited) “Yeah, I was just telling Romar that it’s like committing all over again. It’s crazy.” (On who helps in making big decisions like this) “My uncles like Terry Thompson. And Mitch Johnson – he went to Stanford. He coached at Portland and was an assistant this year. Jamal Crawford. Definitely them three were the most important dudes that were a part of this decision.” (On when he knew he was leaving) “I knew weeks ago. There were times when I didn’t let that stuff affect me when I got on the court because I wanted to help my team win and keep advancing in the rounds.”