The Montreal Canadiens have just shy of $8.5 million in available cap space as the 2017-18 NHL campaign nears, with all of that money burning a hole in the proverbial pockets of fans and media alike. The franchise’s extra potential spending power became woven into a conversation with hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun Tuesday morning on Vancouver’s TSN 1040, in the midst of a discussion on whether or not the Canadiens were truly prepared to enter the season with newly-acquired Jonathan Drouin as the team’s No. 1 center. General manager Marc Bergevin had made it clear the day prior at the Canadiens’ golf tournament that Drouin would open training camp down the middle, while Alex Galchenyuk would be a winger. “I also think, and remember – keep this in the back of your mind guys – the Montreal Canadiens have some cap room and some unfinished business, I think, in terms of what they really want this roster to look like entering the playoffs,” said LeBrun following several minutes of Drouin-based dialogue. “We know they lost Radulov. And I can tell you I think that was one of the hardest things, most frustrating things, that’s happened to Marc Bergevin since he became GM in Montreal. He really, I think, thought he was going to get him back. To have offered him as much money as Dallas and still lose him – I think that was really frustrating for Marc Bergevin. Not just because he liked the player, but also because it’s a gaping hole again. Adding Drouin on top of Radulov sounds a lot better than just adding Drouin and losing Radulov.