LeBron James has had many miles on his feet on the basketball court. Having spent over half his life in the NBA, he has never missed many games. However, there have been hiccups along the way. Last season. James picked up an ankle injury that kept him out for a good part of the season. Now, he spoke about the extent of his injury, and he may have also taken a dig at load management players.

During the end of the regular season. LeBron picked up an ankle injury. It was major for the Lakers as he did not return at his full capacity during the playoffs. Moreover, even Anthony Davis was injured. Hence, they failed to defend their throne, losing in the first round.

Recently, he was questioned about his injury and how he dealt with it. While speaking of the impact, he also revealed his attitude when it comes to playing less minutes.

In his interaction over his ankle injury, LeBron revealed how he battled it through the summer. Another question that came up from his injury is him considering sitting out for a part of the season till he heals up. While most would prefer this option, James has a different thinking process,