LeBron James spoke with the AP this week after the Heat's championship celebration died own and spoke in the past tense already about what the Heat have accomplished together, opening up the possibility that he'll opt out in 2014 as widely expected. James ducked the question for the most part, but did say one particularly notable thing: "I've been in this position before," James said. "I've heard it before. It can't get any worse than my season before I became a free agent in 2010." via LeBron James Says 2014 Free Agency Not On His Mind, 'Goal' Remains More Titles With Heat. Oh, contraire, my friend. After "The Decision" irrevocably changed sports culture forever and shifted the perception of free agency, people are more aware than ever that superstars can change teams, and that drives fan attention which drives media attention. James said in the interview he's not going to talk about it, just as he didn't in 2010, but he was still hammered with questions the entire year. He's going to get the same treatment this season, perhaps more so because of the standard he set with the Decision.