With the Cleveland Cavaliers' 99-92 Christmas Day loss to Golden State Warriors two days in the rearview and the NBA admitting Tuesday that several calls were missed down the stretch -- one that should have gone against LeBron James; three that should have gone against Kevin Durant -- James says the thing that irks him most is when an official refuses to acknowledge that an infraction occurred. "I think for me the worst thing is when I actually go and talk to the ref and they say, 'It was nothing,'" James said at shootaround Wednesday as the Cavs prepared to play the Sacramento Kings. "Like I go over (and say to the official), 'You didn't see that?' 'No I didn't think it was anything. It was no call. No foul.' That's the worst for me. If he says, 'I missed that one' or 'maybe I wasn't in the right position,' but when you see the ref right there on the baseline looking at the whole play and you go up to him and he says there's no call multiple times in crunch time? That's the frustrating part. And for me it's even more frustrating because I know how I'm officiated at times." Durant, according to the league, fouled James twice with less than 30 seconds to go in the fourth quarter and Cleveland down 95-92, first making forearm contact to the Cavs star that affected his "speed, quickness, balance, rhythm" and then making contact to his arm and body that affected his driving shot attempt, which was blocked. Referee Derrick Stafford initially signaled it as the Cavs' ball, but his call was overturned after the review, and the Warriors were awarded the possession. When asked if officials should be allowed to retroactively assess a foul that was originally a no call if they see it while undergoing a replay review, James said, "I believe so."