LeBron James loves Taco Tuesdays. We see that on his Instagram feed when he’s having fun with his family at dinner and yelling, “Tacoooo Tooooooooosssday!”

Taco Tuesday took on a new meaning yesterday as James and the LeBron James Family Foundation fed 340 I Promise School students and their families chicken and beef tacos, rice, beans and tortillas with all the fixings. He also helped an Akron, Ohio, restaurant that has been affected by coronavirus. 

Call it a special edition of Taco Tuesday, and it will happen again next week, when the foundation delivers even more meals to Akron families connected to James’ I Promise program.

Akron Family Restaurant co-owner Nick Corpas said he got a call last week and was excited to help. He started making his orders almost immediately and began prepping for the meals on Monday. He and restaurant employees arrived at the restaurant at 6 a.m. ET Tuesday to cook and assemble the meals.