We’re going to start this off the way the original story from Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports.com should have and that’s by stating the obvious: It’s extremely unlikely LeBron James would seek the presidency of the players union now or at any time while still in the prime of his NBA career. In fact here’s the most relevant quote from the story which in all honesty should have been the opening paragraph of the piece instead of the fifth. The source close to James cautioned that he thinks it’s “unlikely” James will decide to seek the presidency. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can discuss the rest. James is passionate about union matters and has an interest in steering the league’s business in a direction that will not only benefit this generation of NBA players but future generations as well. He was a leader in the mid-season union meeting and a strong voice during the lockout. With the National Basketball Players Association in a state of transition the thinking is that now may be the time to get involved in an official capacity.