When LeBron James said he would consider participating in the dunk contest for $1 million, we assumed it was along the same lines as someone saying they'd sell their first-born child for a slice of cheesecake. One fan got a different impression. Chris Thomas, 28, set up an online fundraiser to get others to donate, all to see the Miami Heat star do his thing during All-Star weekend. Apparently, the actual All-Star Game doesn't feature enough dunking. He told Mashable that the idea came like so many others do, while swilling beer at a bar. He and his friends imagined what the high-flying best player in the world could do with out defenders around to harry him. Thomas apparently is the group's go-getter. "I started thinking about how to execute the idea," he told Mashable. "Prior to a few years ago, a mechanism to do something like this didn't even exist."