LeBron James advocated Thursday for Kyrie Irving to be allowed to return to the court amid the Brooklyn Nets’ suspension of the star guard after he endorsed a film with antisemitic views. Here’s what you need to know:

Irving is working through team-mandated steps to return from his suspension, which is for a minimum of five games.

“Kyrie apologized and he should be able to play,” James tweeted Thursday. “Help him learn- but he should be playing.”


On Oct. 27, Irving shared a link to the documentary film on multiple social media platforms. The Nets initially condemned the posts in a statement.

Irving met with the media on Oct. 29 and Nov. 3 and failed to unequivocally apologize for posting the content and fully condemn the film. He also endorsed the “New World Order” views of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and questioned the backlash he received for sharing the link to the film.