LeBron James prides himself on knowing his teammates, everything from their favorite spots on the floor to how they want the ball off passes -- if they like laces or no laces or laces out. But when it comes to Isaiah Thomas, who will make his Cavaliers debut Tuesday night against the Portland Trail Blazers, James' approach is pretty simple. "It doesn't matter," James said. "Just give him the ball." The Cavs are hoping Thomas can provide a scoring boost, especially at a time when the offense has started to flail, averaging 96.0 points during a three-game losing skid. During his recent scrimmages, teammates -- including James -- have been urging Thomas to stop passing so much and just play his usual game. As Thomas said Monday afternoon, he's a scoring guard, finishing third in points per game during his final season with the Boston Celtics in 2016-17. Beyond that it's tough to know what to expect from Thomas. He hasn't played in an NBA game in a little more than seven months and is trying to regain his form after a significant hip injury that concerned Cleveland enough to ask the Boston Celtics to sweeten their trade offer as insurance.