LeBron James has no trouble with the scoring part — he's topped 20 points in every game this season. "I've done it without even really caring about it, or worrying about it," James said. "I just go out and take what the defense gives me." And he's perfectly capable of accruing double-digit rebounds or assists in any contest. He's reached that level of rebounds in 12 games this season, including Wednesday against Dallas, and that level of assists five times. But, as has frequently been the case, he fell just short of a triple-double — Wednesday he finished with nine. So his only triple-double this season was Dec. 4 in Washington. What does he think of NBA great Oscar Robertson averaging a triple-double for a season? "It's pretty awesome," James said. "And they always talk about how the game was slower back then, but their game was a lot faster, and they had a lot more possessions. They had a lot more possessions. To see 130 points in a game back then was nothing, they were scoring 125, 130 like it was nothing. There were better shooters, they ran the ball more, and if you were one of the athletic guys, you could get 13 rebounds easy, no matter what position. Big O was athletic, that's why they say he was before his time, his ability to score, rebound and pass. They had a lot more possessions. But that's not taking credit from him, I'm not downplaying that. Shoot, he did it for an entire season, and he did it multiple times." Actually, Robertson averaged one over the first five seasons of his career. "That's big time," James said. So he's not saying he would averaged 40-20-20 back then. "Um," he said, laughing. "I don't know."