While LeBron James has been a steady social media presence since the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ season ended, the NBA’s premiere talent had not spoken on a host of key issues that transpired this offseason. The Cavaliers have a new general manager, now have a possibility of adding Dwyane Wade and, yes, made a seismic trade that shipped James’ top sidekick out of town. James made it a point to address the Kyrie Irving situation first on Monday at Cavaliers media day. “A ton of emotions,” James said about how he felt when Irving asked to be traded and eventually was. “I was wondering if it was something I could’ve did to make him not want to be traded. Is it the way the season finished? Or was it me coming back (to Cleveland) in the first place? Was it the coaching change or the GM change? “… I tried to give him as much of the DNA as I could, because at some point, when he was ready to take over the keys I was ready to give them to him. I tried to do whatever I could do to help the kid be as great as he could be.”