LeBron James followed up his tweet in which he called President Donald Trump a “bum” for withdrawing Warriors champ Steph Curry’s invitation to the White House (even though Curry already said he wasn’t going) with a video message that he shared through the Uninterrupted. James said that he wanted to expand on his tweet and that this is something that really hits home for him because Trump is “now using sports as the platform to try to divide us.” “It’s not something I could stand for and it’s not something I could be quiet about,” James says. “It’s not about a division … we as American people need to just come together even more strongly. This is a very critical time, and me being in the position that I am, I had to voice this to ya’ll.” While talking about how Trump is dividing people, James also mentions Charlottesville and Trump saying that NFL players who protest the national anthem should be fired.