The Cleveland Cavaliers have undergone a series of changes throughout a somewhat clouded NBA season, yet the only constant has been having LeBron James on the floor, who is in line to play all 82 games of the season. It wasn’t long ago that James had dealt with back issues and needed two anti-inflammatory injections in his lower back during a 10-month span in 2015, injections that took him out for two weeks during the middle of the season and another that took him out during the preseason in 2016. This opened up a can of worms, with the possibility that the Cavs star may need more shots to numb the pain. James called in Donnie Raimon, a former Navy SEAL who specializes in the human movement who combines biology and physical mechanics — one who turned out to be the person responsible for making his back issues a thing of the past, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. At age 33, James has had to work arduously to take care of his body — something unnoticed by most and thought to be a miraculous fountain of youth that he’s found through the pinnacle of his playing career.