The young Philadelphia 76ers picked up an impressive victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night, but after the game no one had much interest in talking about who won or lost. That's because in the middle of the first quarter, LeBron James pulled off one of the greatest dribbling moves of all-time -- in any sport, in any league. Basketball, soccer, Australian rules football (pretty sure you can dribble in that one), any sport in which you can dribble, you'd have a tough time finding a cooler move than LeBron's against the Sixers. Coming off a screen set by Tristan Thompson, LeBron was about to be corralled in by Joel Embiid, who stepped up to prevent LeBron from turning the corner. So instead, LeBron put the ball behind his back to try and split through the small opening between Embiid on one side, and Thompson and Robert Covington on the other. Except, there really wasn't any space there. But somehow, LeBron bounced the ball right between Thompson's legs, then skipped past Embiid to pick it up, drove to the basket, and converted an and-one. It was truly mesmerizing -- especially the slow-motion replay.