The Dallas Cowboys are the focal point of the offseason, which is nothing new for them, but the reason why is different this year. Everyone wants to know where Tony Romo will play in 2017. As CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reports, there is a lot of noise out there, but only a couple clear-cut contenders. There is also the nuclear option of retirement for Romo, but that doesn’t actually appear to be on the table. According to Peter King of The MMQB, Romo is “likely” going to play and has already turned down “at least one very good off-field job offer” this offseason. It’s likely he plays somewhere in 2017, and I say that because I know he had a chance to get at least one very good off-field job offer since the end of the regular season,” King wrote Monday. “He didn’t do it, because he still wants to play. He knows everyone thinks he’s a piece of fine china and will crack if dropped to the floor. There’s nothing he can do about that other than to play.” Romo is the prized possession of free agency, assuming he’s released by the Cowboys, which is looking like a more likely result than a possible trade from Dallas. It was probably always the outcome anyway, just because of Romo’s untenable -- from a trade perspective -- contract, and the close connection between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Romo. If you love something, Jerry, set it free. Hitting the market will open a floodgate for potential suitors, with the Broncos topping Vegas’ list of landing spots. There are a pair of teams that make more sense than Denver, however. In working up a list of teams who should be aggressive this offseason to try and “win now,” I identified the Chiefs and Texans as two teams who should pursue Romo to take them over the top in their respective divisions.