Stan Van Gundy was busy criticizing himself Monday night. And a day later, he hadn't changed his mind. Not about the in-game strategy, and certainly not the long-range one, either. Andre Drummond was finally finding a rhythm in the fourth quarter of Monday's 107-93 loss to the Orlando Magic. In a span of a few minutes, he'd bulled his way for a layup, spun away from Nikola Vucevic for a dunk — drawing a foul on Channing Frye as he did — and then completed another three-point play with a nifty, 6-foot hook in the lane. But with an eight-point deficit and 4:07 to play, Van Gundy decided to pull 7-footer in favor of another perimeter shooter, Caron Butler, a decision he second-guessed after the game. "He was playing really well," Van Gundy said Tuesday, when asked again about Drummond. "That was the best he had played all night. He was being active, he was blocking shots. Looking back at it after the game, he should've stayed in the game." Not that it'd have made much of a difference, most likely. And not that he'd shown much more than flashes of that form that night — or any other this season, really.