That’s one way to make an impression. Carter Ashton slashed Frazer McLaren on the hand sending the tough guy for X-rays and nearly came to blows with Marlies teammate Jesse Blacker during the Maple Leafs’ scrimmage on Saturday at the MasterCard Centre. The 22-year-old Ashton simply wants a job with the Leafs and if he ruffles feathers to get it tough. “You have to do something to make yourself noticed out there” Ashton trying to grasp a fourth-line spot said. “It’s going to happen in these high-compete scrimmages. Everyone is fighting for a job. “It’s never personal. I have known these guys for many years. It’s something that just comes and it’s going to keep happening.” McLaren did not speak to reporters afterward but clearly was not thrilled when he got chopped slamming Ashton to the ice before heading to the dressing room. That came after Ashton bashed defenceman Carl Gunnarsson into the back of the net. If Ashton wants to play for the Leafs he will have to knock a guy such as McLaren out of a spot just not with some nasty stickwork. Mason Raymond who scored a pretty goal when he picked the top corner over James Reimer’s right shoulder during the scrimmage will have a trickle-down effect on other wingers if he signs a contract. A player such as the 6-foot-3 215-pound Ashton who had 19 points and 67 penalty minutes in 53 games for the Marlies last season could be impacted. “You go into every camp with tremendous pressure on yourself” Ashton said. “It’s a huge camp any way you look at it. I want to do all the little things right. Take pucks to the net use my size and hope that things work out.” Coach Randy Carlyle wants to see those on the bubble separate themselves. If not they’ll get cut.