For those keeping score at home, Auston Matthews has now taken two shifts and missed two games since colliding chin-to-shoulder with teammate Morgan Rielly over the weekend. The Toronto Maple Leafs centre will not play Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers – a predictable development that left Mike Babcock playing coy about the condition of his star player. Babcock foreshadowed the kind of exchange we got at Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday morning when he was asked a couple weeks back about a decision by Dallas Stars counterpart Ken Hitchcock to be more transparent when it comes to discussing injuries. “I think Hitch said we should reveal everything and I don’t disagree, except I don’t like talking about head injuries,” Babcock said on Nov. 25. “Because as soon you say there’s a head injury, then there are all these things about concussions and half the time it’s the neck or something, and I never want to talk about that. I want the player and the right people to work that out, not for [outside] people to get involved. I don’t disagree with anything except that.”