Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes will be the first to admit that he isn’t like anyone else. His eccentric personality lights up the football field, and it’s infectious in the locker room, too. But when Spikes opened himself up to criticism for skipping eight weeks of voluntary offseason workouts to condition himself at a facility in Florida, the three-year veteran referred to his unique way of conducting business. “Honestly, I just felt like I was trying to put myself in the best position to compete for a spot on the team and also help this team win a championship,” Spikes said yesterday after his first practice of the offseason on the opening day of minicamp. “You guys know me. I frankly do things a little different from everybody else. I don’t think that’s bad or a shocker. And, honestly, if everybody in this world was a conformist, it would be one boring place.” Spikes preferred to work out on his own, in part, because that offseason routine led to a breakout in 2012, and he hopes for the same type of progress in 2013. Spikes will even return to Florida after this week’s minicamp, and he said he will “absolutely” be back in late July for training camp. Also, when players skip workouts, particularly in a contract year, there’s always a concern about their happiness with their current deal. A source has told the Herald for two months not to worry about Spikes’ mindset as it relates to his contract, though the player wouldn’t touch that topic yesterday. But really, the contract takes a back seat to the potential for improvement in 2013. If Spikes is the only player on the 90-man roster who chooses to work out elsewhere, how can he justify it being the right decision?