Contrasting Malcom Jenkins' assertion that Colin Kaepernick was invited to the NFL's quarterly meeting between owners, players and the commissioner, Kaepernick's lawyer said the former 49ers quarterback was not invited but is open to further discussion with the league. Quarterly meetings are a feature of every NFL season, but this meeting has garnered added attention given the hotly contested debate over protests during the national anthem that has loomed largely over the league this season. Kaepernick has emerged as the face of this debate—viewed as a courageous activist on one side and an unpatriotic agitator on another—as he was the first NFL player to demonstrated during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. While Kaepernick did not attend the meeting, a number of notable NFL players did. Chris Long, Malcolm Jenkins and Eric Reid, all of whom have protested during the national anthem or, in Long's case, supported his teammates who did, were all in attendance.