Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed and detained but not arrested or charged with any crime early Saturday morning in Las Vegas following an incident at a music festival in which he appeared to shove a security guard to the ground.

TMZ published video that shows Elliott having a disagreement with a woman and following her around a parking lot. The disagreement never becomes physical based on the video clip, but Elliott does appear to impede the progress of the woman as she walks away.

Later in the video, Elliott confronts an event security guard, asking “You got something to say?” He then uses his right forearm to push the guard into a metal railing, prompting the guard to fall over.

"I didn’t do nothing,” Elliott is heard saying as he walks away with his hands in the air.

The video ends by showing Las Vegas police handcuffing Elliott and escorting him away from the scene. Elliott does not resist his detention.