For the first time since finding out he has a complete tear of the plantar fascia in his right heel, today Nuggets guard Ty Lawson trotted around the basketball court, going through some light drills in hopes of getting back in the lineup before the regular season ends. Afterward, Lawson said the heel, “Felt alright. Started getting sore towards the end, but it’s getting a little bit better.” He anticipates returning before the end of the regular season, but would not put a timetable on it. “I’m going to keep doing this for the next couple of days and try and figure out what I’m going to do,” said Lawson, the Nuggets’ leading scorer at 16.7 points per game. “(I want to play in) at least two, three games so I can get a feel for the game back, get some game-time repetitions in.” And with that philosophy, Lawson is in lockstep with his coach, George Karl. “I think he should play,” Karl said. “I’m not into this stuff everybody talks about. I think how he plays, it might not be 100 percent but he’s got to learn how to play on it when he’s 70 percent, 80 percent. Maybe we can’t get 35 minutes a game out of him, but can we get 25 minutes out of him? You don’t want to determine that with your home court in the first two games in the playoffs. I don’t think you want to do that.”