Oh, Brett Lawrie, you are such a lovable hothead. That's the consensus from fans after the Blue Jays third basemen blew his top last week, when his frustration over strike calls led to a helmet toss that grazed an umpire's leg, got him ejected and earned him a now-served four-game suspension. This is a story worth dissecting because of all the wonderful threads in the coverage we can pull out to study. Let's start with the unwritten rules that Lawrie broke, which, because of their ambiguity, make for good stories and are always fun. Lawrie was called out on two consecutive questionable pitches, the second one coming after he had trotted a third of the way to first base before umpire Bill Miller's late call. His initial offence was demonstratively showing up Miller, who then is believed to have tried to teach the young whippersnapper a lesson about who's boss with the next called strike. That was the call that caused Lawrie to literally flip his lid.