Although “LaVar Ball’s credibility’’ might strike some people as an oxymoron, it’s on the line.

Repeatedly he has said he started the Junior Basketball  Association (JBA) because he wanted to help young pro hopefuls who weren’t interested in playing college basketball. Now we’ll see if he’s serious about protecting those players from abuse.

Ball and JBA officials have remained silent since Thursday night, when Edward Denard, head coach of the Chicago Ballers, bullied Montrell Dixson, a forward for the Ballers, during their game against the Seattle Ballers.

During a timeout late in the game, Denard twice used his fists to shove Dixson in the chest and later knocked his forehead against the side of Dixson's face. Denard also verbally abused Dixson in an incident captured during the game’s broadcast on Facebook.

“Get the (expletive) ball. Stop being a (expletive)," Denard snapped before knocking his forehead against the side of Dixson’s face.