Lonzo Ball has experienced some growing pains early on in his NBA career, and his father LaVar believes that has something to do with the Los Angeles Lakers not knowing the best way to coach the rookie. Like most of his teammates, Lonzo Ball’s performance this season has been inconsistent. The former UCLA star has shown flashes of being able to run an NBA offense, but he’s shooting 31.3 percent from the field and has struggled to put the ball in the basket. Lakers coach Luke Walton has chosen to be patient with Ball and the rest of his young roster. “This is a great teaching moment … everybody in the NBA is good,” Walton said following Friday night’s 122-113 loss to the Phoenix Suns. “Just because we beat a team twice doesn’t mean we’re better than they are. … As you’re building, you’re on that path. It’s never [smooth]. It’s never just you get it and all of a sudden you don’t have slippage anymore. Every team goes through it. “The important thing for us is that we learn from our mistakes, we keep our head up, we keep working and grinding away to get where we all want to be.” Not surprisingly, LaVar Ball strongly disagrees with Walton’s mentality. The elder Ball told Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report that Walton and his staff need to be tougher on Lonzo.