In a shocking turn of events, Lonzo Ball's younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, will be playing professional basketball this season in Lithuania. The two signed their contracts for BC Prienai earlier this week, and are expected to report early in January. It will be a big change going from the United States to a tiny Lithuanian village and playing in a completely different world to which they're used to. Understandably, there are many who believe the move won't work out. LaVar Ball, of course, is not among them. The Ball boys' father recently spoke about the decision to send his sons over to Europe, saying he's trying to do the best for his boys, and thinks it's a "great situation." Via the Washington Post: "I think it's a good situation because I thought of it," the ever-modest LaVar said. "I think it's a great situation. "I only think of what's best for my boys, and they understand I never steer them wrong, and I don't think I'm going to start steering them wrong now." LaVar also added that he's not worried about the potential for culture shock, because his boys are going over there to play basketball, nothing else.