Hate him or love him, LaVar Ball will always be talked about. That’s the Big Baller Brand way and how he wants it. Personally, I love LaVar and want to see his family win. But not feels the same. After his son’s disappointing debut for the Lakers Thursday, in which Lonzo finished with just three points, the focus shifted quickly shifted to LaVar's reaction. Of course, LaVar reacted exactly how people wanted: by calling out Patrick Beverley after the Clippers guard gave Lonzo the business all night. And that’s where the problem lies. While LaVar will always react, Lonzo is the one who has to deal with the immediate consequences. There target on Lonzo’s back will only get bigger the more Lavar reacts. In one sequence during last night’s game, Beverly knocked Lonzo down, forced a turnover, and then screamed “Bitch” in his direction. Total disrespect. And everyone ate it up. Twitter was lit, waiting to roast LaVar for his predictable hysterics. None of this circus is going to stop, either. Pat Bev was ready to embarrass Lonzo. If you didn’t know any better, you might have thought that Beverly wanted to go at Lonzo more than winning the actual game. He didn’t, but that’s not the point.