LaVar Ball said he has no doubt his son Lonzo is ready for the NBA, especially for the league’s coaches. “I’m the toughest coach he's ever going to have,’’ LaVar Ball told USA TODAY Sports this year. “I used to tell Lonzo when he’s not doing good, 'Mother------, are (you) going to play or what? This some bull---- you’re doing. If you want to do this s---- you might as well sit down.' “Now he’s got guys talking to him. ‘Lonzo, we need to do this, we need to do that.’ ‘’ LaVar Ball said the coaches at UCLA, where Lonzo played last season as a freshman, were “the easiest coaches in the world. Anybody besides me is easy.’’ Scoffing at the idea he was too tough on Lonzo and his younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, LaVar Ball explained, "I told my sons this, ‘Don’t listen to how I tell you, listen to what I tell you. Because I say it in a different mindset.’ “I don’t be like, ‘Well, I think you need to get back on defense and it’d be good if you could slide your feet some more.’ I’m like, ‘Mother------, your ass is slow and you’re not getting back? Get your ass back.’ That’s how I’ll explain it. “People looking at me like, ‘Look at that big black man screaming at those kids like that.’ Don’t worry about it. The ones I’m screaming at are my boys. Nobody’s else’s kids, I’m not coaching you like that. They’re not ready for that.’’