Hey here's something new: LaVar Ball is publicly criticizing Lakers coach Luke Walton. Oh, and this time he threw another player under the bus as well. The Lakers lost in overtime to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night, but they actually had a chance to win the game at the end of regulation. Brandon Ingram ended up missing a heavily-defended layup attempt as the buzzer sounded, which left some wondering about a decision Walton made just seconds before. After Kevin Durant missed a jumper, Julius Randle grabbed the rebound and turned to start dribbling up court. Rather than let the play continue, Walton called a timeout with 5.3 seconds left to set up the final play of the fourth quarter. After the game LaVar criticized Randle for not throwing the ball ahead to Lonzo instead of taking "too many dribbles." "I'll tell you the crucial point," LaVar Ball told ESPN's Chris Haynes after the game. "When Julius got that ball at the end, he should've threw it forward. Lonzo had a wide-open layup! Or a 3-pointer! That's game! You wouldn't have went to overtime. That was game. "Julius tried to take too many dribbles, and then they fouled him, or they called timeout. But if he would've threw the ball ahead? The coach wouldn't have called timeout. Even if he did, he can't call it, because the ball's in the air. Lonzo was running the lane. Game over. That's the best time to score, when it's nine seconds left and your coach don't call timeout!"