Over the years we've seen more than a few versions of Roberto Luongo. There was the mystery man of 2006 whose contract beef with Florida landed him in Vancouver, where he proceeded to author one of the two or three greatest individual seasons in Canucks history. That Luongo gave way to the star-crossed Luongo, a giant in the regular season who had an unnerving habit of developing the vapors in the playoffs. Then there was the Luongo of the 2011 playoff run, the goalie who had his team one stinking win from the Stanley Cup but, again, couldn't deliver when it mattered most. That was followed by the Luongo of last season, still a top-tier NHL goalie but now being challenged by the young ingenue Cory Schneider. You could even throw in a cameo as a national hero in 2010, all of which means we should have seen it all from the the aristocratic Montrealer. But nothing or no one could have prepared this market for the latest incarnation of Luongo, the sympathetic figure spurned by the organization who, through the most bizarre of circumstances, still finds himself in the Canucks' net, still the master of his craft. Great stars, it seems, have the ability to reinvent themselves. And eight games into this season, Luongo, remarkably, has reinvented himself again.