The more things change… “A broken record. We just keep playing the same old song.” — Kevin Garnett, Nov. 22. “When you go through dismal times like this … it shows you who’s within, who has the rope and who’s going to let go.” — Garnett, Nov. 19, following a players-only meeting the previous night. “Something’s got to give. If we are going to get stops, we’ve got to be able to rebound and also we can’t turn the ball over as much as we did. It’s like we are shooting ourselves in the foot.” — Paul Pierce, Nov. 22. And then there was this: “We’re so quick to bail, in the sense of mentally letting go of the rope. … When we go down eight, nine, we can’t make a shot or something happens and all of a sudden it goes to 20. It’s disappointing. … I’m listening to Whitesnake: ‘Here I Go Again.’ The same thing happens. The same song. We thought we were going to start off fast, but injuries have come into play. Everybody has people hurt, but they still play together and find a way to win.” — Jason Kidd. The kicker to all that is those comments from Kidd also came on Nov. 19. But in 2007. Yes, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Six years later, the Nets are talking about grabbing the rope and not missing shots while doing a nightly “Groundhog Day” routine. Kidd, of course, is now in a different capacity, trying as a coach to get a disappointing Nets team to grab hold of the rope, the way he tried as a player six years ago. It never happened that season. Kidd was traded in February and the Nets finished 34-48, out of the playoffs. These Nets don’t seem headed for that same mess.