RHP Mason Tobin, who hasn't pitched in two years due to injury and has never pitched above Class A, continues to make the Rangers search for ways to put him on the roster. Tobin, who is subject to the Rule draft pick requirements, pitched a 1-2-3 10-pitch sixth inning against Seattle Sunday in a 5-4 Rangers' win. Tobin, who is bidding to win a spot as a middle reliever, will likely pitch on back-to-back days before the Rangers set their roster. Even though Tobin hasn't pitched in two years, the Rangers can't really afford to treat him with extra care if they intend to keep him. Rule 5 players must stay on the active roster or either traded or offered back to their original team before they could be sent to the minors. The Rangers would like to keep as many pitchers as possible since they have something of a shortage in the bullpen right now, but to be a member of the staff would have to mean he could be counted on back-to-back days. "Right now, I'm just happy to be pitching," said Tobin, who is seeking to become the first Montana-native to win a regular-season game since 1998. "It doesn't matter to me what happens, as long as I can keep pitching. Staying on the field right now is what's important."