Curt Schilling’s disclosure that a former member of the Red Sox organization once advised him to take performance-enhancing drugs “surprised” team president Larry Lucchino, even though Major League Baseball conducted an investigation into the matter. “It’s something to look into,” Lucchino told reporters after a Jimmy Fund event in Boston yesterday, “but it came from out of left field, to use a baseball cliche.” In an ESPN Radio interview Wednesday, Schilling said he was told to use PEDs early in the 2008 season as a way of extending his career after he injured his shoulder. He opted for surgery, missing the ’08 season and retiring during spring training in 2009. Schilling, presently an ESPN analyst, initially declined to identify the position of the former Red Sox employee who made the suggestion. Later, in response to a question on Twitter, he wrote that it “wasn’t anyone in uniform, nor the baseball ops group.” That would eliminate former general manager Theo Epstein, assistant general manager Jed Hoyer and manager Terry Francona, although it creates the possibility that the comment came from a member of the medical or training staffs, both of which have been overhauled by the Red Sox since the end of the 2011 season. MLB vice president Pat Courtney said yesterday the Sox promptly reported the matter to the commissioner’s office, which launched an investigation. He declined to discuss the outcome of the investigation or whether it led to the former employee being fired by the Red Sox. “All I can say is the club immediately notified us,” Courtney said. “We take these matters very seriously, and an investigation was completed.”